Lafayette Woman Scores Big on Penny Jackpot

Marksville, LA (Nov. 5, 2015 ) A Lafayette woman playing penny slots on Halloween at Paragon Casino Resort walked away $21,162.95 richer.

Melissa B. had only been playing for about 20 minutes when the reels aligned. She had invested $150.00 in the 1,000,000 Degrees machine when she realized she had won big.

Melissa admits she was shocked when she realized the amount she’d won on the penny machine. “I thought, ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe it’,” she said. When asked what she’d be doing with her winnings, she responded with a smile. “I’ll sure be having a great Christmas.”

More than $75,000.00 in jackpots has been paid out at Paragon in the past 30 days.

“With the holidays coming up, it makes these jackpots even more special, “said Billy Jeansonne, Paragon’s Director of Slot Operations. “We’re very happy for Melissa, and we’ll bet this will be her best Christmas yet.”