Event Policies

Getting Started
The Catering and Convention Services Staff of Paragon Resort is eager to help you plan your upcoming Function. The following information is provided as a guide to help you through the preliminary planning stage. Please do not hesitate to contact our Paragon Resort coordinator for any additional suggestions you might have.

Paragon Resort must be notified of the exact number of persons attending the function at least (72) hours prior to the function. Attendance for Monday/Tuesday activities must be received by the preceding Thursday morning. This minimum number of guests will be considered a guarantee for which Paragon Resort will charge even if fewer guests attend. If a final guarantee is not provided by the Customer, the expected attendance figure last provided by the Customer will be the guarantee. A reasonable increase on the guaranteed attendance will be accepted up to 24 hours before the function. However, Paragon Resort will not be obligated to serve more than five (5%) percent over the guarantee. Food is prepared for the guaranteed number, but the charge will be the price per person in attendance if more than the guarantee. For a last minute increase over the guarantee, Paragon Resort may not be able to serve the same entrée as selected for the guaranteed group.

Provisions of Food and Beverage
Paragon Resort, as a licensee, is responsible for the administration of sales and services of alcoholic beverages in accordance with the Alcoholic Beverages Control Regulations. No beverages of any kind will be permitted to be brought into Paragon Resort by the Customer or by the Customer’s guest or invitees from the outside. The sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited to any minor actually or apparently under the age of twenty-one (21) years. Additionally, all food for your function and Hospitality Suite is to be provided by Paragon Resort only. If you choose to bring food and beverage into the Hospitality Suite, there will be a charge of $250 per day applied to your master account, porterage not included.

Menu Selection
Your menu selections and beverage requirements are to be finalized and forwarded to the Catering Department no later than four weeks prior to the Function date. Without this advance ordering notice, selected items cannot be guaranteed.

Function Space
Paragon Resort reserves the right to adjust the room assignment based on actual numbers. All rooms must be vacated promptly on schedule per Banquet Event Orders. If for any reason the space reserved hereunder is not available for the Function, Paragon Resort may substitute other comparable space at Paragon Resort, and Customer agrees to such substitution. Function rental periods are: 8am-Noon, 1pm-5pm and 7pm-11pm. Standard food service time for duration of a meal is 3 hours.

All displays and /or decorations proposed by the Customer shall be subject to the prior written agreement of Paragon Resort. The Customer shall be responsible for compliance with all rules and regulations with respect to such decorations, including but not limited to the local fire code. The Customer shall make all the necessary submissions of samples and materials to the local fire department and shall be responsible for receiving necessary approval. Paragon Resort will not permit affixing anything to the wall, floor or ceiling with nails, staples, tape or other substance unless prior written approval is given.

Customer Property
Paragon Resort cannot and does not assume responsibility for damage to or loss of any merchandise or articles left in Paragon Resort prior to, during or following an Event. If valuable items must be left in any banquet area, we recommend that the group provide appropriate security. Any such security must be paid for by the Customer.

Paragon Resort may, at its discretion or, at the Customers’ request, require security to be provided. In such event, Paragon Resort exclusively shall provide, at Customer’s expense, such security personnel as are deemed necessary. Security guards will be invoiced at $15 per security guard per hour and will be indicated on the Program of Events.

Insurance Certificate
In certain cases, the Paragon Resort may require compliance with its “Certificate of Insurance Policy” for events of unusual or high risk nature. Please request a copy of this memo.

If a function is cancelled with in ten (10) working days of the Function, the Customer agrees to reimburse Paragon Resort fifty (50%) percent of the value, plus the expense listed on the Banquet Event Order Form in the in the block listed as set-up requirements. Function Value is the price per person multiplied by the guaranteed number plus applicable taxes, service labor and other charges.

Taxes / Gratuities
All food and beverage served by Paragon Resort is subject to eighteen (18%) gratuity, as well as four (4%) sales tax on food and beverage.

Service Charges, Bartenders and Other Labor
Service charges for group of less than twenty-five (25) people and charges for bartenders, cashiers and other labor shall be specified on the Banquet Event Order.

Price Increase
All prices are subject to change. Costs can be confirmed no more than three (3) months prior to the Function, providing all details are finalized before new prices are in effect.

Audio Visual
Audio visual equipment is available through our in-house supplier. Rates will be quoted upon request. Phone lines and limited computer use is also available through our in-house supplier.

Exhibit Information
If your exhibit company will not be supplying certain services, i.e., cleaning of exhibit hall, package handling, etc., our Convention Services Manager will be pleased to assist in these areas. In some cases, charges will be incurred. Please see below for these miscellaneous charges and other information useful to your exhibitors in their planning arrangements.

  1. Up to a $100 per day service charge will be applied for exhibit hall clean up, which includes vacuuming and trash pick-up.
  2. Up to $200 in service charges will be applied for clean up after dismantling of exhibits.

Tabletop Exhibits
For exhibits using 20 or less tables for tabletop displays, the Convention Services Manager at Paragon Resort can assist in arranging these requirements. Following are prices for exhibit needs:

Conduct of Function
The customer undertakes to conduct the Function in an orderly manner, in full compliance with applicable law, regulations and Paragon Resort rules. Customer will assume full responsibility for the conduct of all persons in attendance and for any property damage or personal injury during any time such premises are provided to Customer or Customer’s agents, guest, invitees, employees or independent contractors, and Customer hereby indemnifies and holds Paragon Resort harmless from and against any claims, liabilities or cost (including reasonable attorney’s fees) in connection with or arising out of the Function which are caused or contributed to by the negligence or other wrongful acts or omissions of Customer or its agents, guest, invitees, employees or independent contractors. Damages to the premises will be charged to the representative making the arrangements at actual repair or replacement cost.

Excused Non-Performance
The performance of the Function is contingent upon the availability of Paragon Resort to complete the same, and is subject to labor troubles, disputes or strikes, accidents, governments (Federal, State, or Municipal) regulations, requisitions or restrictions upon travel, transportation, foods, beverages or supplies; and other causes whether enumerated herein or not, beyond the control of Paragon Casino which would prevent or interfere with performance hereunder. In the event of the foregoing, any non-performance is excused and Paragon Resort may terminate any Agreement without liability.

Outdoor Functions
Paragon Resort is happy to offer outdoor functions for your group at a $3.00 per person surcharge. Special menus will be provided based on your individual needs. Price will be quoted based on the location and menu selection. All other outdoor functions will have an alternate back-up location. A mutual decision must be made by your group contact and our Catering Department whether the function will be remaining outdoors or be moved to the alternate back-up location by 9 a.m. for luncheons and by 2 p.m. for receptions and dinners. If the group contact chooses to remain outdoors and inclement weather forces a function to move indoors, an additional $2.00 per person (minimum $100.00) will be charged to the group account. Once the move has been made, the charges will be final.

Payment Guidelines
Paragon Casino Resort requires that a credit card authorization form and a 50% deposit are received upon event confirmation to guarantee the required space. Remaining balance is due 30 days before your event with a credit card or check made payable to Paragon Casino Resort. If an event booking is made within 30 days full payment is expected upon contacting.

If more than 40 tabletops exhibits are required, please contact an exhibit company to handle all drayage needs. The organizing entity of any exhibit or tradeshow at the Paragon Resort will be required to provide Paragon Management with a certificate of insurance proving coverage of at least two (2) million dollars per occurrence and in the aggregate and Workers Compensation Insurance at statutory amounts. Such certificate shall name Paragon Resort as Additional Insured.

Conference Materials Shipping Instructions
Due to the storage capabilities, Paragon Resort can only accept your shipments to arrive at the resort within three (3) days of the start of your convention or meeting.

Please inform the Conference Service Manager (ext. 1052), of the ship date, expected arrival date, and total number of boxes being shipped. The Warehouse will receive shipments Monday thru Friday between 7:00am to 4:00pm. The status of a shipment can be confirmed by calling the Shipping and Receiving Department at 800-946-1946, ext. 1705.

To: Paragon Casino Resort, Convention Services Attn: Lesha Oliver
711 Paragon Place
Marksville, LA. 71351
RE: Your Group/Convention Name
Attn: Name of person to receive shipment. Date of convention (example: Jan1-3, 2007) Number each box (1of 4, 2 of 4, 3 of 4, etc.)